When you talk about Australian cuisine, there are many dimensions to it. First, it has to be understood that the origin of Australian cuisine dates back to 30,000 to 40,000 years when the original natives roamed the land. In the 18th and 19th century, British colonies were established in the country and the cuisine took on the distinct flavour of food of British and Irish migrants. It was from then that kangaroo meat as a staple diet of the locals was slowly replaced by cattle, sheep and beef, a trend that is still prevalent today.

The need for this short introduction is mainly to highlight the goals and objectives of http://www.tastesoftheoutback.com.au, a blog site that brings out the various aspects of cuisine from all over the world in general and of Australia in particular, starting from thousands of years back to modern day trends. Here again, we strive to go beyond the usual dishes of the country to areas that are still shrouded in mystery and is not much known to the common person. Yes, we are talking about the great outback with its unique cultures, demographics, ethnicity, traditions and finally of course food.

The outback is a world apart and our bloggers and researchers often travel there to pick up useful and interesting nuggets if news, information and trivia related to the taste of the outback. These are blogs that will be of immense help to readers wanting to know more about the cuisine of the region.

A few examples will better illustrate our point that life and food of the outback is truly out of the ordinary. Many wild seeds, herbs, fruits, fish and meats that sustained Aboriginals for more than 40,000 years have returned with a vengeance in the modern day world under the name “organic foods”. An herb known among the people of the outback as “old man’s salt bush” is salty and is without the harmful Sodium as in common salt. This is extensively used in the outback and is their salt and pepper.

The purpose of http://www.tastesoftheoutback.com.au, is to bring to our readers the cuisine of the outback and to highlight its unique flavours. Bloggers who are well conversant with the subject are also invited to send their write-ups to us. We are sure that it will make our site more meaningful and interesting.